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Are these seconds, minutes, hours? Add some meaning to your time units calculations

Apart from a small todo-cli app and a laravel framework bugfix, I have nothing to show in terms of open source contributions. I’ve always dodged contributing and there are more than enough reasons for that. But the truth is I was mostly hiding behind the “I don’t have time” and “I don’t have a good enough […]

Help me and others understand your code

It’s hard to make things work. But it’s even harder to explain how you did it. Here are a few things you could do to help me, you, and others understand your code. Good formatting. Yes, that space between operators is important. Line lengths, line breaks, blank lines, camelCase, snake_case — they all make a […]

About those “would be nice if…”s

New project. We have our meetings, we come up with a plan, we somehow agree to a budget and then we get the ball rolling, coding our way to the finish line. As we build stuff, fresh requirements are sent in. “We need this new feature”, “we haven’t thought of that”, “it would be nice […]

Deptory intro

Automated tests give us the speed and confidence we need to make quick changes without having to constantly check the thing we’re working on. They improve our code, make finding bugs easier, provide documentation and help us save money in the long run. But automated tests are not enough to ship quality software. They focus […]

Work at the smallest scale possible

You know that feeling when you found an elegant solution to a problem you’ve been having? You discovered that pattern you’ve been missing and you’re like “yeah! now I get it!”. The excitement gets the worst of us and we start acting like the thing we found is the holy grail of software writing. Like […]

Hello world!

I read, watch and listen every day. I have trouble remembering things – it’s time to write stuff down.